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Obama and Bill Ayers waste over $300 million in educational grants meant to improve minority academic outcomes on radicalizing school children

Most conservatives know William “Bill” Ayers as the bottom dwelling domestic terrorist who escaped justice for his role in the Weather Underground bombings of the 1970’s. While much of America might be hesitant to associate themselves with a murderer, in Chicago he is heralded as an “educational expert” and pillar of the community.

Ayers was a key figure in the Weather Underground bombings of the New York City Police Department, U.S. Capital building and Pentagon during the Vietnam War. While he often claims his actions only caused the destruction of property, his involvement in the 1970 San Francisco Police Department Station bombing and 1981 Brink’s armored car robbery in New York prove otherwise.

Ayers’ fingerprints were found in a West Coast apartment that was used to build the San Francisco bomb. Testimony from FBI informant Larry Grathwohl confirmed his pivotal involvement in operation that caused the death of police Sgt. Brian McDonnell. The San Francisco Police Union, convinced of Ayer’s guilt and outraged by his growing public profile in 2009, released a statement reminding the country that “there are irrefutable and compelling reasons to believe that Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn … are largely responsible for the bombing of Park Police Station.”

Ayer’s connection to the Brink’s armored car robbery are though his wife Bernadine Dohrn, another 1970s domestic terrorist who now happens to be a highly respected law professor at top ranked Northwestern University. The perpetrators of the crime, Weather Underground and Black Liberation Army radicals, used personal information stolen from customers at Broadway Baby, a New York store in which Dohrn worked at the time, to secure fake IDs that were used to rent getaway vehicles. Police officers Edward O’Grady and Waverly Brown and a Brink’s guard Peter Paige were killed during the robbery.

It stretches the imagination to think that Dohrn, and by extension her husband Ayers, with their long lasting ties to the murderers and direct link to the robbery had no knowledge of the operation. The authorities thought the same thing when they dragged Dohrn in front of a grand jury in 1982. She spent 7 months in jail for refusing to testify against the Brinks robbers. It’s little wonder that Ayers once said “Guilty as sin, free as a bird. America is a great country”. The only reasons Ayers and his wife are not rotting in jail are because of legal technicalities and pure blind luck.

It is impossible to pinpoint when Obama first met Ayers. Ayers isn’t saying and Obama’s claim that he was just “a guy who lives in the neighborhood” is an obvious lie. It could have been as early as mid 1980s when Obama was an undergraduate at Columbia and Ayers and his wife were running their fake IDs for radicals business in New York. Whenever their relationship began, it was the criminal Ayers that Obama looked to as a political mentor in the 1990s.

It is a widely believed myth that Obama had no executive experience before he was elected President, which is not true. In fact he was the founding president and chairman of the $387 million Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) from 1995 to 1999, an experience that Obama has tried to keep out of the public eye due to the complete failure of the program under his leadership.

The CAC was started by Bill Ayers and two of his colleagues in 1995 when they won a $49.2 million education grant from the Annenberg Foundation with the stated intention to improve the educational outcomes of underperforming urban school children. With the initial grant in place, they were able to secure well over $300 million in matching public and private funds.

Even though Obama had no experience in the education field and there must have been hundreds of better qualified individuals available, he was selected by Ayers to serve as CRC president. The position gave Obama a public platform he could use to establish his political career and Ayers a know nothing ideologue to serve as the public face of the organization.

Instead of using the funds to teach kids the core academic subjects of reading, writing and arithmetic, Obama and Ayers wasted all of the money on external community organizing groups who taught teachers “resistance to American racism and oppression” and promoted “radical political commitment” among the students.

Not surprisingly an official review found “no statistically significant differences between Annenberg and non-Annenberg schools in rates of achievement gain, classroom behavior, student self-efficacy, and social competence.” Hundreds of millions meant to improve the lives of poor black kids were criminally wasted by Obama and Ayers on what turned out to be nothing more than a worthless child radicalization program.

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