Rise of the Socialist: The Early Years


If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not a racist, you’ll have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot. *

* popular bumper sticker

According to the mainstream narrative, the divinity of Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency shall not be questioned. To speculate how an undistinguished academic and political novice rose to become the President of the United States is to invite the wrath of liberals everywhere. It opens you up to being labeled as a “birther”, regardless of whether or not you care where he was born, “racist”, because everyone knows only hateful white people care about stupid things like annual trillion dollar deficits and “terrorist” since nothing says slaughter of the innocents like a peaceful gathering of Tea Partiers.

It wasn’t so long ago the mainstream media poured over every aspect of George W. Bush’s life and time in office with a passion, and rightfully so. Don’t the American people deserve to know everything about our Commander in Chief? Even not so flattering details about Bush’s past were splashed across the headlines. His average grades at Yale, though he was still a better student than John Kerry, his occasional bouts of alcoholism before giving up the bottle in 1986 due to the influence of his wife Laura and time as managing partner of the Texas Rangers when they foolishly traded Sammy Sosa to the Chicago Cubs.

On the other hand to even admit you were curious to see Obama’s birth certificate meant you hated black people. When Donald Trump asked during an appearance on The View in March 2011, “Why doesn’t he show his birth certificate?” co-host Whoopi Goldberg furiously responded “That’s a terrible thing to say. Oh my God…that’s the biggest pile of dog mess I’ve heard in ages. It’s not ’cause he’s black, is it?”

Where was Goldberg’s passionate defense of John McCain when the New York Times questioned his eligibility to be President? ABC, CBS, NBC, Washington Post and every other left leaning media outlet ran similar stories asking the same question. The Senate went so far as to investigate the matter and pass a resolution that confirming McCain was eligible to run. To date no official investigation has ever been conducted for Obama. Apparently it’s all right to put an American war hero through the eligibility ringer, but you don’t question the liberal Jesus.

Obama eventually released a copy of his long form birth certificate in April 2011, mostly because of the soon to be published Where’s the Birth Certificate? by WND reporter Jerome Corsi and public pressure exerted by Trump. While this particular mystery may have been solved, though where Obama was born has nothing to do with his ineligibility to be President (see Obama Crime #8), there are many other details regarding his past remain hidden to this very day.

Obama’s school records, financial aid documents, passport files, selective service registration, medical records, Illinois State Senate papers, law practice client list have not been released. Even after three years in office we still know very little about Obama’s background. It’s like waiting for the release of the Kennedy assassination files. 50 years after Obama’s death and maybe our great grandchildren will finally know who it was we called President.

Not only does his past remain a mystery, but his time in office has been sorely lacking in critical examination by our willfully ignorant press. They ignore any story that might embarrass or harm his administration and belittle any others that do break through the mainstream iron curtain. As explained by Pamela Geller in American Thinker, “The mainstream media is nothing more than an activist propaganda machine that is actively working against the American people.”

100 Obama Crimes will do the work the mainstream media will not. What will be revealed is not the most eloquent speaker in the history of mankind, as the press would have us believe, but a socialist in centrist clothing. A smooth talking Harvard Law grad with a major in race baiting who doesn’t give a damn about the rule of law.

The law says the President must get permission from Congress to start a war. Obama plays ignorant and starts one in Libya anyways. The law says the United States has to pass a budget every year. Under Obama you can forget about that one too. He has trampled bankruptcy regulations, firearms statutes and immigration rules. He refuses to secure our borders and laughs at those who question the constitutionally of his healthcare reform.

Where Ronald Reagan viewed America as a “shining city upon a hill” and Abraham Lincoln the “last best hope of earth”, Obama describes America as arrogant and “dismissive, even derisive”. Obama’s longtime mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who rarely hides what he really thinks, had this to say: “Racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run…We (in the U.S.) believe in white supremacy and black inferiority and believe it more than we believe in God.” And you can bet your bottom dollar that Obama thinks the same way too.

No wonder he runs roughshod over our laws and traditions – as far as Obama is concerned he isn’t the criminal, we are. Writing for American Thinker J.R. Dunn explained, “The Obama presidency is utterly unique, unlike any other administration we have had in living memory, and perhaps ever. The events constituting this presidency have an air of unreality with no parallel in American history.”

The left accused George W. Bush of being a criminal for years and still do to this very day. And yet what were his crimes? Starting a war in Iraq? It was hardly the act of a single man or party. John Kerry may pretend otherwise, but half the Democrats in Congress voted to authorize the war including Kerry himself. The Valerie Plame affair? Revealing Plame as a CIA operative had nothing to do with nefarious political purposes, it was an accidental revelation by a State Department official that had nothing to do with the White House. The Patriot Act and Guantanamo Bay? Almost four full years into the Obama administration and the Patriot Act is still law and Guantanamo Bay is still open, with neither going anywhere anytime soon.

Where was the liberal outcry when these policies were continued by Obama? Why isn’t Code Pink trying to citizen’s arrest Valerie Jarrett and Leon Panetta for crimes against humanity? Why isn’t Cindy Sheehan parked in front of the White House with a “Obama is a Murderer” poster? Did anyone actually watch that stupid Sean Penn movie about Valerie Plame?

Apparently Bush wasn’t nearly the criminal liberals hoped he would be, on the other hand Obama most certainly is. In fact, no other President even comes close.



Barack Obama may have born without sin, though exactly where is still actively debated by some. The product of an 18 year old white Kansas girl and a 24 year old black Kenyan, Barack Hussein Obama II was born on August 4, 1961. Abandoned by his father, Barack Obama, Sr., in the first few weeks of his life, he didn’t fare much better with his mother Stanley Ann Durham. After living with her for 10 years in Hawaii and Indonesia, Durham decided that microloans for third worlders and the trivial academic subject of Javian blacksmithing was more important than raising her own son, so in 1971 she shipped Obama off to live with his grandparents in Honolulu.

His grandmother, Madelyn Durham, was a bank executive while his grandfather, Stanley, was a retired furniture salesman and stay at home drinker. His parents may not have been around much, he only met is father once in 1971, but his grandparents loved him like he was their own. They lived in an apartment only a few blocks from the beach where Obama would often go to surf with his friends.

Life in Hawaii was hardly typical of the average African American in the 1970s. Obama grew up on an island paradise where being a mixed race child was by no means unusual. Hawaii is one of the most ethnically diverse places in the world where 38% of the population share Asian ancestry, 25% are Caucasian and 10% are native Hawaiians. None of the issues that plague the urban black community – gangs, violence, failing schools, drug abuse – affected him in the least.

Obama attended PunahouSchool, a prestigious academy attended by children of Honolulu’s elite, as a scholarship student. He played forward for the 1979 state championship basketball team where he was known as the kind of kid who would complain about not getting enough playing time even though he wasn’t very good.

In 1979 he attended Occidental College in California to begin his undergraduate education. Based on reports from his classmates, he was nothing special when it came to the classroom. While he may have been no Rhodes Scholar, Obama did have two things going for him:

1. He is black. In America then and now, the advantage of being black in the academic world is hard to underestimate. The lack of well qualified black students and the politically correct need for top tier colleges to maintain their ethnic diversity (Jews and Asians don’t count) has created unequaled opportunities for underperforming minorities like Obama. It is the kind of environment where “B+” average black students are accepted at Ivy League schools where many “A” average white kids have little chance of getting in.

2. He is a gifted public speaker. At an event sponsored by Students for Economic Democracy on the Occidental campus Obama gave a thrilling speech denouncing South African apartheid. According to Dreams from My Father, those in attendance were enraptured by his words. Students playing catch nearby put down their Frisbees and came closer to better hear what he had to say. All fell under Obama’s spell while for the first time it dawned on him the power that could be his should he continue to develop his public speaking skills.

Seeing himself as destined for greater things than what could be provided at the small liberal arts college, the average at best student took advantage of his affirmative action opportunities to enroll at prestigious Columbia University in 1981. It was in New York that Obama stopped smoking weed, a habit he picked up in Hawaii, and focused on his academics “like a monk”. Even with religious like dedication to school, he still couldn’t manage to graduate with honors.

Apart from a poorly written and hopelessly naive anti-nuke article he wrote for Sundial Magazine, where he advocated for U.S. nuclear disarmament right in middle of the Cold War, and apartment locations on 109th and 94th streets, little else is known of his time in New York. Even after interviewing 400 of his classmates Fox News couldn’t find a single one who remembered him at Columbia.

Armed with a BA in political science and searching for meaning in a cruel capitalist world, Obama left New York and made the pilgrimage to Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago in 1985 to get a first hand taste of identity politics. Having been taught the ways of socialism as a young man by communist Frank Marshall Davis, a drinking buddy of his grandfather’s described in Dreams From My Father as “a poet” of some “notoriety”, Obama fit right in the overwhelmingly liberal south side community.

He signed on as director of the Developing Communities Project to make his mark as a community organizer – a job title that means “asset to the society” to some and “ruthless racial panderer” to others. Obama learned the Saul Alinsky inspired lessons that would serve him well throughout his political career including how to convince poor people to support liberal politics that are guaranteed to keep them impoverished and that character and hard work mean little compared to having no morals and willingness to lie with every breath.

Obama also learned the liberal solution to every social problem in America: other peoples’ money.

The black community was suffering from rampant unemployment? The government should pay for it. A housing project had fallen into disrepair because tenants keep ripping copper piping out of the walls to sell for drug money? The government should pay for it. Some kid tripped on a crack in the road on 76th and Highland and broke his leg? The government should pay for it … and then be sued for negligence.

To the young (and current) Obama, the loss of traditional American values in black communites has little to do with the rampant violence and poverty that plague their streets. While much of America was built on self reliance, family and education, liberals had replaced these lessons in minority communities with progressive ideology that promotes victim hood and welfare, much to their detriment. After all, why work hard in school when everyone knows evil rich white people are going to steal all the money?

Armed with the convictions of Karl Marx and starting to realize his potential as a mixed race political saboteur, Obama left the organizing world to attend the premier training ground for the liberal elite: Harvard Law School.

How an average Columbia student got accepted at Harvard Law remains a mystery, though affirmative action along with his well connected sponsor, Khalid  al-Monsour, a “crazed anti-Semite” and advisor to billionaire Saudi prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, certainly didn’t hurt.

At Harvard Obama discovered his almost irresistible appeal to liberals. Even though didn’t graduate from Columbia with honors, his better educated and harder working peers selected him to serve as president of the Harvard Law Review. In it’s over 100 year history not one African American had ever served as president, a racial injustice that Obama’s classmates sought to rectify with his unearned appointment.

Constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe described Obama’s qualifications for the job as follows: “He’s very unusual, in the sense that other students who might have something approximating his degree of insight are very intimidating to other students or inconsiderate and thoughtless.” In other words he was picked for the job because he was a non-threatening black guy.

Having passed the super-high threshold of not being scary to white people, Obama was installed as Harvard Law Review president where he proceeded to avoid publishing a single paper during his entire term, a truly unprecedented accomplishment for an Ivy League law review editor. Under his leadership the 1990 volume was dead last in citations over the last 20 years. Because of Obama’s failure as an affirmative action appointment, the tried and true measure of academic accomplishment is back at the top of the list when it comes to choosing Harvard Law Review presidents.

After graduation he moved back to Chicago to take a lecturer job at the elite University of Chicago Law School, yet another impressive achievement for the undistinguished academic. Not surprisingly The University of Chicago Law School got what they paid for when Obama joined their staff. During an interview with Doug Ross, one of Obama’s fellow faculty members described him as the following:

The other professors hated him because he was lazy, unqualified, never attended any of the faculty meetings, and it was clear that the position was nothing more than a political stepping stool. According to my professor friend, he had the lowest intellectual capacity in the building.

Knowing Obama like we do today, that sounds about right.

Now a full-fledged “Law Professor” and armed with a resume, personal background and stage presence that would make him irresistible to uninformed liberals everywhere, Obama dived right into the Chicago swamp to begin his meteoric rise in American politics.


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