The 40 plus White House czars who are not accountable to Congress or the American people

George Soros and the liberal elite had been planning the socialist transformation of America long before Obama ever made it to the national scene. They knew that a task so immense required a large team of dedicated operatives, many of whom could never pass Senate confirmation due to their radical backgrounds. While the White House czars seemed to appear out of thin air overnight, in reality they were part of a project that had been in the works for a very long time.

The czars were designed to serve multiple purposes, one of which is to create redundancy in the halls of power that Obama could use to implement his socialist agenda. With two chains of command through a cabinet Secretary and an unofficial czar, Obama easily switch his loyalties between the two to reinforce the more radical viewpoint. It also makes it difficult for government officials to protect their domain from outside influence, since Obama can selectively hand over their responsibilities to a more willing accomplice waiting in the wings.

While Congress and the American people have the legal right to monitor our government officials, the czar’s “are often outside the reach of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), creating a veil of secrecy about their precise role in the administration.” Classified as Executive Branch advisors they are beholden to no one except Obama himself.

The czars also create the perfect back channel of communication between the White House and outside organizations. Of particular note is the Center for American Progress, a Soros front group that has made no secret of its activist progressive agenda. During the 2008 transition “about a third of the staff of the Center for American Progress went into the Obama administration”. While Americans would be rightly outraged if Cabinet members and their staff met regularly with socialist fanatics when developing public policy, no one in the main stream media bats an eye when administration officials regularly meet with partisan lobbyists at Washington coffee shops.

Whoever was behind picking out the czars apparently had the Rolodex from hell considering the Mao Tse Tung fans (Anita Dunn – Communications Director, Ron Bloom – Manufacturing), 9/11 truthers (Van Jones – Green Jobs), forced sterilization proponents (John Holdren – Science), fisting kits for children (Kevin Jennings – Safe Schools) and convicted shoplifters (Vivek Kundra – Technology) that got high level positions in the White House. There is no way any of them could have made it through the Senate confirmation process.

Bypassing the Senate’s traditional role as overseeing White House appointments is bad enough, but there is another reason why no other President in history entered office with so many unaccountable “advisors” on the payroll. What’s the point of going through the trouble to get elected President only to hand off half your power to someone else? It is as though Obama came into office on Day 1 and decided the job wasn’t worth the hassle, so he farmed out the work to others to do the heavy lifting for him. This way he can hit the golf course during the day, party like a rock star at night and not be bothered with the mundane task of running the federal government.

Considering Obama’s undistinguished career as an academic, lawyer and politician, the lazy factor certainly has the ring of truth to it. He has never had to work hard for anything his entire life, so why start now? He was a lousy student who only got into Columbia and Harvard because of affirmative action. Got a lecturer job at University of Chicago because he had friends on the board of directors. Got elected to the Illinois state senate by getting his competition kicked off the ballot. Got elected to the U.S. Senate because of a sex scandal involving his opponent. And so on and so forth… Not a single day of hard work required.


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