“Felony Stupid” operation Fast and Furious

The communists never had a problem with killing people when it came to pushing their political ideology, and apparently the same can be said of Eric Holder and the socialist inclined Obama administration. Operation Fast and Furious, a DOJ brainchild, was right in line with the progressive vision that there’s no problem with sacrificing a few lives in order to benefit the many. In this case the few would be impoverished Mexicans living across the border and the many would be Americans who needed to be protection from their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

Working in conjunction with other agencies including ATF, DEA, FBI, ICE and IRS, the DOJ created a gun walking program that allowed and at times financed the sale of over 1,700 weapons including machine guns and .50 caliber sniper rifles to Mexican cartel agents in the U.S. for transportation over the border.

The official reasoning behind Fast and Furious was to catch cartel members red handed with the weapons thus making them vulnerable to U.S. prosecution. The obvious fact that once the guns made it to Mexico meant they were out of American jurisdiction wasn’t lost on ATF agents who vigorously objected to the operation. Allowing criminals to walk with machine guns didn’t fit any legitimate law enforcement operation they were aware of. What the agents didn’t know was the operation had nothing to do with apprehending criminals, but everything to do with pushing a political agenda. As alluded to in a memo by an ATF manager who was “‘delighted’ when Fast and Furious guns started showing up at drug busts, the more Mexicans killed by American made weapons, the better propaganda the Obama administration would have to push gun control legislation in the U.S.

As explained by Katie Pavlich in Townhall, the Obama administration “used law abiding gun shop owners to enable government officials to break the law, then turned around and blamed the very same gun shops for illegal gun trafficking, despite those shops being forced by ATF to help ATF agents carry out Operation Fast and Furious, and now, those shops are being punished through new Justice Department gun control measures.”

ATF went the extra mile to make sure the cartel agents got their weapons. When a cartel agent Uriel Patino showed up to purchase 20 weapons of which only 4 were in stock, USA Today uncovered the following:

“Our guidance is that we would like you to go through with Mr. Patino’s request and order the additional firearms,” ATF Supervisor David Voth wrote in an Aug. 25 e-mail.

Even though agents knew then that guns allegedly purchased by Patino had been showing up at crime scenes in Mexico and the U.S.A., Patino was allowed to walk away that day.

Not only did ATF agents sit idly by while criminals walked out of gun stores with truck loads of weapons while DOJ managers in Washington watched the sales over the internet, straw purchaser Jamie Avila “received $70,000 in “seed money” from (an) FBI informant late in 2009 to buy guns for the cartel.” Mike Vanderboegh, an authority on Fast and Furious, explains “the FBI was at least as culpable, and perhaps more culpable, than the ATF in the scandal, and that there was some guiding hand above both these agencies coordinating the larger operation.”

Congress suspected high level Obama administration officials were involved. When they got wind of the operation they dragged Holder to Capitol Hill in May 2011 to ask what he knew about Fast and Furious. Under oath he denied any involvement in the operation, claiming that he only heard about it a “few weeks” ago. Rep. Darrell Issa, who has been running the investigation for the house oversight committee, wasn’t buying it: “We have a paper trail of so many people knowing that the only way the attorney general didn’t know is he made sure he didn’t want to know.” Rep. Trey Gowdy went a step further when he argued that Holder had to know about the operation: “As things started to go south, I think it’s impossible to conceive he wasn’t briefed in on it.”

According to Issa, “This thing was dumber than Iran-Contra, and as a Republican I hate to say that, but this was so dumb that there was no chance of it ever yielding the kind of solutions that they claimed it would.”

Throughout 2011 the DOJ worked overtime trying to cover-up their involvement in Fast and Furious. Their frantic efforts included burying the source of the guns involved in the murders of agents Zapata and Terry only hours after their death, intimidating witnesses from appearing before Congress, witnesses tempering by supplying them with department approved talking points, firing the first whistleblower Special Agent Vince Cefalu, obstructing justice by refusing to release documentation “relating to the genesis” of the program, greatly underestimating the number of crime scenes linked to Fast and Furious guns and promoting three ATF supervisors who ran the operation described by Rep. Issa as “felony stupid”.

Attorney General Holder, who accused the U.S. of being “a nation of cowards” on his first day in office, is himself too cowardly to admit his involvement with what has been described as the biggest federal government scandal since the Iran-Contra affair.

The Fast and Furious tracks may very well lead right to the White House. On July 28, 2010 ATF Special Agent Newell sent an email to Kevin O’Rielly, White House Director of Northern American Affairs, alerting him to the operation: “…don’t want ATF HQ to find out, especially since this is what they should be doing (briefing you)”. At least two other White House officials, Dan Restrepo, senior Latin American advisory and Greg Gatjanis, a national security official, have also been said to be intimately involved with Fast and Furious.

As one would expect, most Mexicans aren’t very understanding of their being made sacrificial lambs for a liberal anti-2nd Amendment political agenda. Writing for McClatchy Newspapers, Tim Johnson illustrates the Mexican point of view:

“It kind of reinforces the perception that U.S. policy in general is to support arms dealers around the world,” said Ana Maria Salazar, a former Pentagon official who now is a security consultant in the Mexican capital.

Salazar said Mexicans see a double standard in Fast and Furious, in which U.S. agents allowed weapons to “walk” across the border in their quest to take down a major weapons trafficking ring even as it became apparent the guns were turning up at crimes.

“Would the United States have done this type of operation, for example, in Afghanistan knowing that there was a likelihood those guns would kill American soldiers? They would’ve never done it,” she said.

Aguayo went further, saying the operation revealed “underlying racism.”

“U.S. society and the U.S. government don’t care about Mexican lives,” he said. “I have studied U.S. foreign policy. One American life is worth more than 50,000 Mexican lives. This case is another ingredient in a cultural attitude of contempt toward Mexicans.”

During the operation the DOJ never alerted the Mexican authorities that they were allowing guns to cross the border unimpeded. In an interview with the LA Times, Mexico Attorney General Marisela Morales stated that she first learned about Fast and Furious from hearing about it in the press. “At no time did we know or were we made aware that there might have been arms trafficking permitted,” Morales said. “In no way would we have allowed it, because it is an attack on the safety of Mexicans.”

Mexican Congressman Humberto Benitez Trevino has confirmed that Fast and Furious weapons have been linked to at least 300 deaths and injuries, though the final tally may be much larger. Patricia Gonzalez, the top state prosecutor in Chihuahua whose brother was killed by a Fast and Furious gun, said “The basic ineptitude of these officials [who ordered the Fast and Furious operation] caused the death of my brother and surely thousands more victims.”

The program was so successful in turning up American made weapons at Mexican crime scenes that an offshoot operation run by the ATF in Indiana sold weapons to gang members that could be used to kill Americans.

In a fitting legacy for the party of slavery, Democrats intentionally designed a program they knew would murder Mexicans because human rights only go so far when it comes to promoting liberal ideology. The same party that opposed the civil rights movement has once again reared its ugly head as “lower class” Mexicans were deemed expendable in the progressive war against our 2nd Amendment rights.


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