Politically biased hiring practices in the Civil Rights Division that favors liberal candidates over attorneys with a conservative background

In July 2006 Boston Globe reporter Charlie Savage published an influential article that charged the Bush administration of using politics over substance when determining hiring practices for the Civil Rights Division. In the widely read piece, Savage accused Attorney General John Ashcroft of “changing the procedures” and that under his direction “hiring is closely overseen by Bush administration political appointees to Justice, effectively turning hundreds of career jobs into politically appointed positions.”

Savage discovered that under Ashcroft’s leadership hiring in the Civil Rights Division for attorneys with civil rights experience had dropped from a traditional 77% to 42%. Even though nearly half of the attorneys still could be considered a having a solid liberal background, the article sparked a thousand calls of racism by Democratic politicians.

Savage would go on to win the Pulitzer Prize in 2007 for his work on presidential signing statements by George W. Bush, a practice that has been taken to another level by Obama. While Savage didn’t receive the award for his work on the DOJ hiring practices, it certainly didn’t hurt his chances. J. Christian Adams wondered whether he would receive the same recognition after he had uncovered that each and every attorney hired by the DOJ since Obama became President was a dyed in the wool liberal.

In a series of articles for Pajamas Media titled “Every Single One”, Adams reviewed the resumes of all 113 new hires for the Civil Rights Division including the Appellate Section, Criminal Section, Disability Rights Section, Educational Opportunities Section, Employment Litigation Section, Federal Coordination and Compliance, Housing and Civil Enforcement Section, Office of Special Counsel for Immigration Related Unfair Employment Practices, Policy and Strategy Section, Special Litigation Section, and the Voting Section. He uncovered that not a single new hire could be classified as “moderate, non-ideological, or conservative lawyer”.

Adams went on to report “Loretta King, while serving as the acting assistant attorney general for civil rights at the outset of the Obama administration, ordered the resumes of highly qualified applicants to be rejected only because they didn’t have political or left-wing civil rights experience. Multiple DOJ sources with direct knowledge of hiring committee practices have confirmed this to me.”

The “Every Single One” series didn’t go unnoticed by Congress. Alarmed at the “politicized hiring” at the DOJ, Senator Chuck Grassley asked for an inspector general investigation. “It would be more accurate to state that, to the division, civil rights experience is limited to experience with limited advocacy groups,” Grassley said.

David Steinberg piled onto the “Every Single One” freight train when he uncovered the DOJ didn’t have sufficient funds to pay for the 113 new hires in the first place. Writing for Pajamas Media Steinberg noted, “DOJ hired these new attorneys knowing they didn’t have the money now and probably wouldn’t be getting it. These new lawyers probably all make more than $100,000 in salary, plus benefits. They spend maybe 20 million dollars they didn’t have. They did it specifically to fill the Division with leftists.”

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