Trying to prosecute foreign caught terrorists in US civilian courts

In Nov 2009 New Yorkers were granted an unwanted reminder of the traumatic events of 9/11 when Eric Holder announced the prosecution of KSM and other terrorists would be held in NYC only a few blocks away from where the towers fell. Without consulting local or state officials, Congress, the military, families of the victims or anyone else who might be alarmed at the unnecessarily provocative decision, Holder insisted lower Manhattan was “the venue in which we were most likely to obtain justice for the American people”. Considering the end of a rope meant the same to a terrorist no matter where they were hung, many questioned why it was necessary to subject an already traumatized city to what was sure to be a media circus.

The decision was an affront to those who had personally witnessed the events of 9/11. While most of us watched it on TV, it wasn’t our lungs that had to breathe the smoke filled the air or our skyline that had been forever changed by that fateful day. To ignore the feelings of New Yorkers betrayed Holder’s greater sympathy for the terrorists than he had for his fellow citizens.

A Feb 2010 Quinnipiac University poll demonstrated how out of touch Holder was when 68 percent of NYC voters said the government should abandon plans to hold the trials in Lower Manhattan. By a 59% to 39% margin they preferred military tribunals to civilian court and 68% believed the terrorists didn’t deserve the constitutional protections afforded to civilians.

The folly of Holder’s position was demonstrated in Nov 2010 with the nearly botched trial Ahmed Ghailani, the first Gitmo detainee to be tried in civilian court by the Obama administration. Charged with being connected with the 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 224 people including 12 Americans, Ghailani nearly walked away a free man when he was acquitted of more than 280 charges and found guilty of only one count of conspiracy to destroy government buildings. Over 200 people dies and the DOJ couldn’t even make a single count of murder stick.

The prosecution’s star witness, whose name was elicited from Ghailani while he was held at a secret CIA prison, was not allowed to take the stand because of the judge’s ruling. Evidence gained from defendants using harsh interrogation techniques is understandably not allowed in civilian trials, but wouldn’t pose a problem in a military tribunal. Because of the nature of the enemy and the precautions our nation has taken to defend itself, it only makes sense to send the terrorists to a place where they will not only get a fair hearing, but the American people would also get a fair shake at having these evil men face justice.

After months of trying to defend Holder’s decision Obama finally threw in the towel in March 2010 when he ordered the resumption of military trials at Guantanamo Bay.

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  1. 多くのファンに愛され続けるナイキSBが驚きの特別価格で登場。 我々は遅れて実行されているとき、我々は不安の旋風に家を出て、省エネ対策を講じることができない。 あなたのマーケティング戦略をより良くする方法でヴァネッサEliosancoによってより多くの記事を読んでください。一斉風靡した確かなラグジュアリーソースで仕上げて、揺るがない価値観を感じさせています。だからこそ、相手のその考え方を自分のモノサシに沿って図って判断するのではなく、そういう考え方もあるのか、とのんびり受け入れるのが大切なのかもしれないしかししかし、である。SHIHO さんのプロフィール SOHO/在宅ワーカーのためのブログ ambitious SOHO! SHIHO さんのプロフィール 日々の出来事からSOHOスタイルで働く上 で大切なことは何か考えていきます。このヴィヴィッドな色遣いに一目ぼれです。ぜひ、この機会に動画作りに挑戦していただければと思う。ダイヤル中央にDAYTONAと赤文字で表記され、クロノグラフの王者たる風貌を感じさせます。 商品の写真はできる限り現品を再現するように心がけておりますがご利用のモニターにより多少、差異が生じます。シリーズ最終話となる映画『トワイライト・サーガ / ブレイキング・ドーン Part 2』のプロモーションのために、ベラ役のクリステン・スチュワートが本日午後7時過ぎ、成田空港に到着しました!!グッチは、Hは彼らのすべての特定のトートバッグの上に飾られた署名を保持します。→「よくある質問・FAQ」。ヴァルター社オリジナルのライセンス生産が、ドイツのnic社に引き継がれ製造されている木のおもちゃです。 発送詳細 こちらの商品は、海外からメール便/佐川急便にて直送させて頂きます。


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