Making anti-Semitism cool again

Under Obama’s watch there has been a public outpouring of hatred towards Jews the likes of which I never thought I would live to see. From Helen Thomas telling the Jews “get the hell out of Palestine” to heavily armed terrorist flotillas destined for the Gaza Strip described as “peaceful” by the western press, a sea change in world opinion against Israel and the Jewish people has been accomplished during Obama’s short time in office.

Not so long ago distrust of Jews may have been shared by some, but it was not spoken of in polite company and certainly not mainstream. Now it is overt, in your face and just about everywhere. Vile anti-Semitic comments accompany just about any online article that concerns Israel. Media Matters spokesman MJ Rosenberg accuses American Jews as being “Israel firsters” while pro-Palestinian student organizations openly harass and intimidate Jewish students and professors at University of California schools. Ivy League institutions including Harvard and University of Pennsylvania have returned to their anti-Semitic roots by hosting “academic” conferences on “Israeli apartheid”.

Muslims throw stones at little old ladies leaving synagogue in Sweden while thousands of Jewish families flee persecution in France. A recent study of the migration patterns of religious groups by The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life showed “Jews have by far the highest overall level of international migration, in percentage terms. About one-quarter of Jews alive today have left the country in which they were born.”

This is not a coincidence. It is a direct result of an American President’s refusal to speak out against Jewish hatred that is being pushed by left-wing organizations and Islamist groups the world over, a failure on Obama’s part that many take as his tacit approval of such actions. He stands up for Islam’s right to build a Sharia law victory mosque two blocks from Ground Zero, but refuses to acknowledge that Jews have the right to build homes outside Jerusalem. While over a million Arabs live as citizens within Israel’s borders, Obama remains silent over the planned Jewish cleansing of the future Palestinian state.

Obama has used the instruments of government to pressure American Jews who get in his way. He has directed the IRS to harass Jewish charities that support Israel in a way that “contradict the administration’s public policies” and threatened retaliatory action against Israel should Israel supporters publicly question his weak-kneed treatment of nuclear arms seeking Iran. References to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, as recognized by U.S. law, have been scrubbed from the State Department website.

Obama insulted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his first trip to Washington, leaving Netanyahu alone in the Oval Office while Obama trotted off to have dinner with his family, and he employs a number of advisors who have a history of animus towards Israel. Special Assistant Samantha Power once called for a “mammoth protection force” to prevent Palestinian genocide “very much like Rwanda” while White House advisor Dalia Mogahed tweeted in 2012 that Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad was illegitimate, not for killing protestors by the thousands, but because he “cannot deliver … resistance to Israel.”

In Obama’s mind the Jewish state is an apartheid nation whose very existence was built on the exploitation of Arabs, which is particularly ironic considering the vast majority of Syrians, Egyptians and Iranians would move there in a second to escape the very real tyranny under which they live. There is no “humanitarian crisis” in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian controlled West Bank is one of the fastest growing economies in the world thanks to the security measures Israel put in place to curb terrorism. Without the Israeli road blocks, wall and military control of the West Bank, Palestinians would never have had the chance to put aside the never ending war forced upon them by their corrupt leaders and start building a better future for themselves and their children.

Obama has successfully made anti-Semitism part and parcel with the liberal political platform, with a thin veneer of anti-Israeli settlement activity to make it seem legitimate. Obama’s failures not only puts Israel’s very existence at risk, it will have unforseen and likely terrible consequences for the Jewish people that will long outlive his presidency.

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