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It was pretty obvious from day one that Obama’s foreign policy was going to be dramatically different than that of George W. Bush. Following the liberal playbook that states all the world’s ills can be directly traced to evil western capitalism, Obama immediately embarked on an international apology tour to “repair” the damage sowed by the distinctly pro-American Bush administration. A “reset” button was granted to our Cold War foe Russia and Obama’s first media interview was given to the Arabic network Al-Arabiya.

Obama didn’t waste a minute before blaming the previous administration. He told Al-Arabiya that “all too often the United States starts by dictating” and that “we don’t always know all the factors that are involved” when it came to our foreign policy. Coming from the state senator from Illinois, allegations of international ignorance was rich. His order directing the closure of Guantanamo Bay detention center is still on hold and the olive branch to the murderous Iranian regime has been a complete failure.

The first targets of Obama’s angst weren’t America’s traditional enemies, as one would expect from an American President, but were instead our longstanding allies Great Briton and Israel. Within days of taking office the Winston Churchill bust, which had featured prominently in the Bush Oval Office, was unceremoniously shipped back to England and Israel was put on notice that it must “be willing to make sacrifices” to appease Muslim terror. Other traditional American allies including Honduras, Poland, Pakistan, Taiwan, and Columbia would soon be given a taste of the underside of the bus by the administration.

So who does Obama feel closest to among the world’s leaders? That would be Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, the man who sent the ill fated terrorist flotilla to Gaza in 2010 and wants to criminalize adultery.

Some have theorized that Obama’s foreign policy philosophy is driven by anti-colonialist urges that he inherited from his paternal grandfather who had suffered under UK rule in Kenya long ago. Others have suggested that he sees himself a “citizen of the world” who does not acknowledge America’s unique and important role in human history. Both approaches certainly have merit, but more central to Obama’s foreign policy failures is his devotion to liberal ideology that is often devoid of reality or compassion.

Mubarak is having trouble in Egypt? Rather than sticking by a proven American ally, Obama throws his lot in with the Muslim Brotherhood who were in no time implementing Sharia Law and threatening the peace with Israel. So what if women and Coptic Christians are sure to suffer under Islamic rule? As long as Egyptians are willing to elect their tormentors into office, it must be the right thing to do.

Obama’s foreign policy has given birth to the new term “leading from behind”. Rather than assuming leadership of the international community, he has let others decide how and when American might is used. Our military response to Libya was outsourced to the whims of the U.N. and Arab League. He massively escalated the conflict in Afghanistan because Europe said it was okay and Iran has been allowed to pursue nuclear weapons because Russia doesn’t want us blowing them up. Obama’s passivity has had perfectly predictable results. The Middle East is on fire, Islamists are on the march and dictators Assad in Syria and Hamad in Bahrain slaughter innocent civilians with impunity.

Liberal Presidents often leave behind foreign policy failures that last well beyond their time in office. Jimmie Carter gave us the autocratic Ayatollah Khomeini and Bill Clinton allowed Iran and North Korea to build nuclear reactors for “civilian” use. What international catastrophes will the U.S. be stuck with for the next 20 years because of Obama’s ineptitude? It’s hard to say but there’s little doubt that it’s going to be a very, very long list.

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