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Supporting international efforts to criminalize free speech criticism of Islam

Islam has never been very big on tolerance. In fact, Muslim societies are just about as intolerant as any you can find in the world today. Women are often treated as little more than property. They not allowed to travel without the company of a male family member, cannot hold a job and can be killed by their husbands with a simple accusation of adultery, whether it is true or not. And then there is the treatment of gay people that makes conservative opposition to gay marriage seem quaint in comparison.

Muslim countries are almost 100% Islamic for a very good reason, they are completely intolerant of other religions or faiths. The treatment of non-Muslims as second class citizens, known as dhimmitude, ensures that those who do not recognize the Koran are humiliated and oppressed until they finally give up and either accept Allah as their savior or leave. Combined with the concept of jihad, which requires true believers to relentlessly expand the influence of Islam over other peoples, and you set the stage for a violent ideology that is hell-bent on world domination.

The concept of a global Islamic caliphate may appear unrealistic to most Americans, but the threat is very real. Previous to the sixth century most of the Middle East and North Africa was predominantly Christian. But centuries of dhimmitude and jihad has successfully stamped out the Judeo-Christian concepts of individual choice and freedom and replaced it with subservience to the Koran. In earlier times Europeans fought against the Islamic threat with the Crusades. Unlike how they are portrayed in many textbooks, the Crusades were not Christians randomly burning down towns and killing Muslims for no good reason, but were carefully conceived wars against Islamic aggression that had marched previously unchecked across North Africa and Europe.

Like many realities in the world today, modern socialists are completely ignorant to the danger that Islam poses to Western civilization. How else to explain their shock when Islamists won a commanding majority of the Egyptian legislature in 2011? While conservatives had been warning for months that the removal of Hosni Mubarak would only serve to pave the way for a far more oppressive government, Obama and the State Department were insisting that the Muslim Brotherhood could never gain “majority” support in Egypt. You would think that after that overwhelming failure liberals would think twice before getting on the Islamic bandwagon again, but you would be wrong.

Ever since 9/11 Muslim governments have been pushing the idea that the Islamic faithful have been unfairly stigmatized and have suffered a backlash of “Islamophobia”. They insist the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and the 18,000 others like them since 2001, have nothing to do with Koran sanctioned jihad. They are perpetuating the myth that Islamists are an innocent people fighting back against the intolerance of others. Not surprisingly the Obama State Department agreed with them when they threw their weight behind UN resolution 16/18.

The official purpose of 16/18 is to combat “defamation of religions, and how to prevent stereotypes depicting religions and their followers.” In practice the law would “limit speech that is viewed as ‘discriminatory’ or which involves the ‘defamation of religion’ – specifically that which can be viewed as ‘incitement to imminent violence’” Unfortunately for those who believe in free speech, just about anything critical said of Islam can easily lead to “imminent violence”.

In the U.S. the burning of the American flag will get you dirty looks and harsh language, but the accidental burning of a Koran in Afghanistan led to the killing of more than 30 people. When riots over took the entire Middle East and the American Ambassador to Libya was killed because of a movie critical to Islam was posted on the internet, the response of the Obama administration wasn’t to protect our freedom of speech, but to criticize the filmmaker for his “offensive” portrayal of Muhammad.

By supporting UN resolution 16/18 the Obama administration is attempting to make any criticism of Islam illegal, which will no doubt be the first step in the free speech criminalization of many other topics dear to the heart of socialists everywhere. With 16/18 in place is easy to picture a future where our statist overlords declare the questioning of global warming a national security risk and earn you a trip to a reeducation camp.


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